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Aaron Michael is a performing actor and musician in the South West. He was introduced into the professional voice community with work in My Hero Academia, One Piece, and Sakura Quest, and has narrated multiple books currently available on Audible with more on the way! 

His work in film has led to working closely on projects with director and award winning visual effects artist Lloyd Lee Barnett known for his work on Avatar and Lord of the Rings, and Aaron has been performing on the theater stage for over ten years. Theatrical improv comedy has taken him around the country performing for crowds of thousands. Aaron is inspired by the epic heroes of old such as Gilgamesh and Superman and has a love for all things Science Fiction. If there is one philosophy Aaron brings to every bit of his craft it can be found in the quote below...

"In art, the truth is always manifest in the experience of it. The audience will finally have the most direct experience of the breadth or lack of your interest. They will feel the truth about your intentions and about who you are, who you have become. They will instinctively know what you are up to. It is all visible."
~Anne Bogart

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Aaron Michael
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